Business in a Basket Bundle

A Step by Step Guide to Turn Your Passion into Profit

What if you had a proven strategy to start making $1,000/month in 6 months or less?

With Business in a Basket Bundle, you get the exact strategies I used to build my business and grow it into a full time income.

Business in a Basket enables people who want to make money from home start an online business in 15 days so they can begin making money to enjoy a better quality of life and experience freedom.

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Note: Business in a Basket is a bundle that includes complete material from three courses in one: How to start and grow a blog, a YouTube channel, and an Etsy shop. You save money when you purchase this bundle, compared to purchasing the individual courses!

For starting and growing a blog only, you'll want to check out Build Your Blog.

For starting and growing a YouTube channel only, you'll want to check out YouTube University.

For starting and growing an Etsy shop only, you'll want to check out Etsy Essentials.

Does this sound like you?

You want to make money from home, but you have zero experience creating an online business.

Or maybe you've made some money online, but not very much, and you don't know how to make more.

You're afraid of making too many mistakes, wasting time trying things that didn't get you anywhere.

What if there was a way to start and grow your online business, without wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own?

That's exactly why I created Business in a Basket.

I wanted to package up everything that worked for me, and share how I make $7,000/month with my blog and YouTube channel while working very few hours per week (typically just during my kids' nap time!)

There are so many ways to get sidetracked and spend time on things that don't really move the needle forward. I know what works, and I'm sharing that with you!

With a tried a true strategy like mine, you can avoid wasting time and see results a lot quicker. This strategy is essentially 5 years in the making, but you can have instant access.

Ready to get started creating an online business so you can make money from home?

Get the complete video workshop with workbook, checklists, and templates for just $237

What all do I get?

Business in a Basket Bundle is a digital product that includes:
18 part video workshop that takes you through the entire process

Gameplan workbook with assignments that make it easy to follow along

Launch checklist to make sure you have everything in place

Resource guides so you know the best tools to use

Time saving templates that are exactly what I use in my business

Email coaching with helpful tips as you're getting started

Right now you have goals. You want to make money on your own terms, with only the sky as your limit.

But you're afraid to invest time, because you're afraid your efforts won't get you anywhere.

You're busy and don't have time to figure it all out on your own.

You're not a tech savvy person.

What if there was a way to start your business today, using strategies that people just like you are using to earn money from home, in a step by step 15 part workshop?

Make these possibilities a reality today with Business in a Basket Bundle for $237

Who Created Business in a Basket?

Hi! I'm Marisa, an online business owner and stay at home mom of 4. It all started 4 years ago when I learned the strategies that successful business owners use to make a full time income online. With Business in a Basket, I share the exact strategies and steps I used to grow my business so that it brings in $7,000/month while I stay home with my kids and work very few hours (typically just during my kids' nap time!). I created Business in a Basket so that you can experience this freedom, too.

Here's What's Included:

  • The exact strategies I used to build my blog, YouTube channel, and Etsy shop, and grow them into a full time income

  • How I make a full time income and work very few hours (typically just during my kids' nap time!)

  • How you can start making $1,000/month in 6 months or less, and then scale it up from there

  • How to pick a perfect niche for you

  • How to navigate the technical side of creating and launching your business

  • how to find the people who NEED your content, even if you're starting from zero

  • 18 part video workshop

  • Gameplan workbook

  • Launch checklist

  • Resource guides

  • Time saving templates

  • Email coaching series

Total value: $698
Your price: $237


How can this help me?

Business in a Basket gives you the fast track strategies so that you're not wasting time on things that don't really grow your income.

How long do I get access to this?

Once you purchase it, you get lifetime access.

To follow the strategy, do I have to create an Etsy shop, blog, and a YouTube channel?

No. You can choose to do just one, or a combination of any two, or all three. Any one of them can be a stand alone business on its own, or you can amplify your results by doing two or all three.

Can I use this if I don't have a lot of tech skills?

Yes! Business in a Basket is designed to work with any skill level, including the tech challenged.

How does Business in a Basket work?

After purchasing, you get instant access to the digital files and videos. Simply print the workbook, checklists, and templates, (or view them on your devices), start watching the videos, and start following the steps.

Do I have to be in a cooking or natural lifestyle niche for this to work?

You can use these same strategies for any niche you choose! I include guidance on choosing a good niche.

Will I really make money if I follow this?

I can't guarantee results, but dozens of other people who implement these exact steps go on to make an income. It's a tried and true strategy.

How long does it take to follow this workshop? 15 days?It's flexible! You can complete the videos and initial setup in 15 days, or you can take longer if you like.

Who is Business in a Basket for?

Business in a Basket is for:

Moms who want to earn an income while staying home with their kids.

People of any demographic who want the flexibility and freedom of being their own boss.

Anyone who wants to harness the power of the internet and spend their time doing what they love, while making an income.

How does this work?

Here's how Business in a Basket works:

  1. Click the button here to purchase.

  2. Check your email. You'll see a link where you can go login to the platform.

  3. Once you're logged in, you can start right away! You get instant access to all of the files and videos.

What others are saying:

"As a small YouTuber and aspiring Blogger, this course was exactly what I needed to take my next steps! If you are looking for a practical way to get started fast on your blog and find the most efficient path to success, this is your course. There are many courses out there that idealize the amount of time investment that is possible and it can really stunt your progress. Marisa gives a clear path of exactly where to focus your time and energy as well as details about managing a business that I haven't found anywhere else (seriously nobody talks about the business management side in such a simple and attainable way!). I love that her focus is on creating time in your life for the things you love and not getting so caught up in the business that you forget why you started in the first place." -Selena

Hi Marisa, 

I've almost completed the Business Basket course on your website, and it's been AWESOME. Seriously. 

I really appreciate the tangible help that it gives. There are specific recommendations given regarding camera settings, websites for SEO help, platforms for email marketing, and real examples of how to word different posts or emails. This kind of help is tremendously appreciated, as getting that sort of help at the beginningis very hard for newbies like myself. I also really appreciate the recommendations for platform help, because a google search gives SO many options and it's nice to take the advice of someone who has gone through the process.  

I had been part of a pay-per-month business course for 2 months and it was $47/month. They held 1 live/week on a broad range of topics (pinterest, fb, posting, how to film, etc), and the facebook group had a ton of videos that were 1-1.5hrs long and had a TON of extra fluff and nonsense. I was wasting so much time to grab 1-2 tidbits of truly helpful info. This was succinct, all relevant, all helpful, and I can go back to it over and over again. I can find what I'm looking for easily, and I can ask questions in the FB group if I want. I find this 100x more helpful than the previous group I was part of! I'm happy to say I dropped that group after only 2 months (I did Feb and March). 

I felt encouraged throughout the majority of it, because you really emphasized that if you could do it, we could too! I also truly felt like you were "on my team" and giving me every bit of info that you thought could help me. Thank you! 


Marisa obviously has extensive experience with creating and growing an online business as her class is first rate. It helped me understand in great detail the mindset, preparation and ongoing work needed to start and maintain a successful online business. The videos didn't contain any superflulous chatter. The video content was all entirely relevant and packed with details and solid information. The resources section was extremely helpful.  Without this, you would spend countless hours figuring those details out, and with Marisa' course, you don't need to! A huge gift! The workbook she provides is easy to follow and use, and is a great guide to focus in on what you want for your business.  I absolutely recommend this class to anyone considering an online business. You will save yourself so much time and effort! The class is an amazing guide.


Refund Policy

I offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Imagine where you could be just a couple of weeks from now.

You could have a fully functional online presence set up correctly.

You could have over 50 content ideas, ready to use.

You could have your monetization strategy in place, with a proven plan laid out to meet your goals.

Now is the time to get Business in a Basket Bundle at this low price. This price won't last. Get it for just $237 before the price goes up.

Business in a Basket Bundle

A Step by Step Guide to Turn Your Passion into Profit

Valued at $698 for just $237