Picky Eating Blueprint

A tried and true answer to overcoming picky eating for good

What if you no longer had to experience your child limiting their diet and refusing to eat more nourishing food?
With Picky Eating Blueprint, there’s no need to feel helpless about changing your child's eating habits.

Picky Eating Blueprint is a program that empowers parents of picky eaters with confidence to transform their child’s relationship with food in three weeks or less.

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

You’re tired of spending time in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals, only to have your child refuse to eat what you serve.

You don't like preparing separate meals for different family members.

You're not sure why this picky eating thing is just so hard.

You've tried making changes to your child's diet and it hasn't worked.

You're weary of your child preferring to eat mostly processed carbs or sweet tasting foods.

You can't imagine your child actually being able to change their eating habits.

You're concerned for your child's health and know they need to eat better, but don't know what to do.

You wish there was a trusted method to start getting kids to enjoy real, nourishing foods, like vegetables and meat.

You are fully committed to doing the work to break the picky eating cycle, and want guidance on exactly the best way to accomplish this for your child.

What if there was a way to stop the cycle of your child mostly wanting processed carbohydrates or sweets, and to help them eagerly eat real, nourishing food?

That’s exactly why I created Picky Eating Blueprint.

Breaking the cycle of picky eating can be a very challenging task.

With the right method and 100% dedication to following the steps completely, overcoming picky eating for good can be absolutely possible, and it can be your reality.

With Picky Eating Blueprint, you can have the strategy and confidence to transform your child’s relationship with food in three weeks or less. 

I'm sharing what I know from my experience as a mom of four, as well as my certified GAPS coach training.

This strategy is over 8 years in the making, but you can have instant access.

Ready to be done with ongoing mealtime bad habits, and banish picky eating at the root cause?

Get the strategy with complete resources for just $67

What all do I get?

Picky Eating Blueprint is a digital product that includes:

Blueprint Handbook for easy reference to the step by step instructions

Printable tools that help keep the process positive and fun for the child

Coaching videos to guide you through the entire strategy, step by step

My favorite recommended resources for nourishing kids

Prep and Go Checklist to make getting ready smooth and easy

Realtime navigation emails for tips and advice

Right now you’re struggling with ongoing mealtime difficulties, trying to change your child’s eating habits, and not seeing the progress you'd like.

Your child insists on limiting their diet to mostly processed carbs or sweets.

You've tried over and over to change your child's diet, but they've refused any change in food.

You're worried about their relationship with food and their health during the rest of their life.

You know your child would benefit from a more nourishing diet, but you have no idea how to get them to eat these foods.

Imagine if...

You finally had the strategy and confidence you need to help your child overcome picky eating, for good.

Your child eagerly ate vegetables, meat, broth, eggs, and more.

Make those possibilities a reality today with Picky Eating Blueprint for $67

Who created Picky Eating Blueprint?

Hi! I'm Marisa, a certified GAPS diet coach and experienced GAPS mom of 4. I help people follow the GAPS diet, and my specialty is helping kids. It all started when I knew my son needed the GAPS diet to overcome some health issues. This is the system I use with my clients to help them successfully overcome picky eating. I created Picky Eating Blueprint because I wanted to share what I know to help people who have kids that struggle with picky eating. I wanted to empower parents of picky eaters with the confidence to transform their child’s relationship with food and end picky eating for good.

Here's what's included:

  • Coaching videos - I walk you through the entire process, step by step, so that you can follow my tried and true method exactly as I recommend, valued at $90

  • Blueprint Handbook - Print out the digital handbook or view it on a device and quickly get access to any part of the strategy, valued at $30

  • Prep & Go Checklist - See at a glance exactly what to do before implementing my strategy so you are well prepared, valued at $15

  • Resource Guides - Get my favorite resources for nourishing children at your fingertips, valued at $20

  • Tools for Success - I've included my printable charts, flashcards, and board game placemats to keep the process fun and effective, valued at $45

  • Realtime Navigation - Get tips, advice, and inspiration in an email series, valued at $90

Total value: $290
Your Price: $67


Does this strategy really overcome picky eating?

Yes. The process can be very challenging at first, but with my tried and true method, parents who are fully committed to following the strategy exactly as outlined can have absolute success.

How long does this method usually take?

Most parents see a dramatic change in their child's relationship with food in 5-7 days, and it can take around 10-14 days to see results.

How long will I have access to this?

Once you purchase, you get lifetime access. Go through the materials as many times as you like before starting and during the process.

How does Picky Eating Blueprint work?

After purchasing, you get instant access to the digital files and videos. Simply print the handbook, checklist, tools (or view them on your devices), start watching the videos, and start following the instructions.

Can I use this if my child goes to school?

For best results, I recommend beginning this program when the child is home full time, such as preschool age or during summer break, and I include strategies for navigating the transition to children to being away from home when they are ready.

What diets can this be used with?

I recommend using this method with the GAPS diet for best results, and you can also use it for other nourishing diets such as Weston A. Price, Paleo, etc.

My child is non-verbal/on the autism spectrum. Can I use this strategy?

Yes. I include specific, comprehensive guidance exactly for these children.

Who is Picky Eating Blueprint for?

Picky Eating Blueprint is for:

Preschool children who have limited their diet and don't want to eat nourishing foods

Verbal, school aged children who don't like to eat nourishing food

Non-verbal children on the autism spectrum who need a diet change but are very resistant

Children who need to follow the GAPS diet, but refuse to eat the most important GAPS foods, or any GAPS foods at all

Practitioners and nutritionists who want to better understand picky eating and help clients improve their relationship with food

Therapists who want to know why picky eating happens and how they can help clients overcome it

Anyone who wants to understand why picky eating happens, what the real solution is, and how to end picky eating for good

How does this work?

Here's how Picky Eating Blueprint works:

  1. Click the button here to purchase.

  1. Check your email. You'll see a link where you can go login to the platform.

  1. Once you're logged in, you can start right away! You get instant access to all of the files and videos.

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Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, and the fact that upon purchasing you have instant access to the entire product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.

You could be preparing nourishing meals and enjoying them with your entire family, your child eagerly eating what you've made.

You could be making one meal for the entire family to enjoy, no more preparing separate foods for different family members.

You could have mealtimes be enjoyable times with your child and the rest of the family. 

You could see your child finally eating properly and really being well nourished.

Now is the time to get Picky Eating Blueprint at this low price. This price won't last. Get it for just $67 before the price goes up.

Picky Eating Blueprint

A tried and true answer to overcoming picky eating for good

Valued at $290 for just $67

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